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We look to achieve CATALYTIC IMPACT by funding programs and organizations that align with our Mission and Grant Priorities.

Poverty — whether generational or situational – is a complicated problem with many causes.  Too often the services provided by direct service charities offer only temporary relief, rather than long-term solutions.  Our board of directors looks for organizations that take a long-term approach to addressing the complexities of poverty.  Generally, these are organizations that take a more personalized approach and “dive deep” to help people in need — as opposed to charities that “go broad” with their services in order to touch as many people as possible in a given year.

In 2023, The Butler Foundation invested nearly $1.3 million in education, hardship relief, and charitable support.

We consider each grant an investment in our neighbors and our community, so we strive to make it CATALYTIC and IMPACTFUL.

CATALYTIC grants accelerate action and positive change.  One example would be a matching grant opportunity that inspires others to give.  We issue dollar-for-dollar challenge grants when we think they can leverage new and increased donations for the charities we support. 

IMPACTFUL grants drive significant, long-term outcomes.  One example would be a multi-year grant that helps a charity plan ahead, scale up an effective program, or launch a new service to meet a community need. 


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In 2005 Bill and Marty Butler launched the Life Learning Center out of a desire to create a long-term solution to the problems faced by Northern Kentuckians who live in poverty.  At that time, a number of reputable organizations offered immediate help to people in crisis, but few effectively focused on the factors that help people build income and long-term stability – namely, education and employment.  After researching local and national programs that have proven impact for individuals at risk, Life Learning Center was born. 

Since then, the Butler Foundation and Corporex Companies have invested over $3 million in operating, program, and in-kind support for Life Learning Center.

The long-term outcomes of that investment are clear.  Today, the Center helps people achieve personal, transformational change by identifying and eliminating their barriers to long-term success; and providing the specific tools and support they need to find and maintain living wage employment. 

In 2021, LLC was designated a local Recovery Community Center expanding the services it provides to people who are struggling with substance use disorder.  Award-winning author Sam Quinones, whose books Dreamland and The Least of These highlight the devastating consequences of drug use in American society today, points to Life Learning Center’s program as an effective solution.  To see the Center featured on a nationally broadcast segment of CBS Saturday morning, click here

To understand the impact Life Learning Center is making for low-income Northern Kentuckians, see the Center’s 2021 Annual Report

Catalytic and Impactful.